What am I up to? Ask the wordbitches

Business. The time has come for me to stop thinking of my writing as a hobby, something I enjoy, and start thinking of it as a way to make money. Because I’m out of it. Money, that is. Not time. Truckloads of that.

Oh, I have savings. And investments. Assets, even. But for the first time since I was sixteen, I do not have a paycheque. Employment Insurance has expired and the prospect of asking my husband for $50.00 to buy a pair of shoes is looming. Ugh.

This isn’t me being sad. Not sure what it is, but it isn’t me. Its nails are much nicer. Still, it is sad, like me.


But then I discovered there are programs for people who can’t find jobs in their fields. Government money (who says they don’t care) for learning a second career or starting your own business. So, to get back to the title of this post, that’s what I’m doing. Trying to get funding to start my business of being an author.

Unfortunately, being a writer is not something The Good People Trying To Help Me Obtain This Funding, know a lot about. The publishing world has changed dramatically over the last few years, since ebooks have become popular and self-publishing is gaining more respect. Heck, I can’t keep up with the changes and I’m reading articles and blogs about publishing every damn day, so I hardly expect The Good People (I hope they’re reading, or all this brown-nosing is for naught) to be aware of all the changes. But still, I will persevere and maybe The Good People and I can muddle our way through and come up with some sort of business plan. I just need to be more optimistic. Hopeful. Like this guy;

But even more than optimism, I need this plan. Something concrete to give The Good People. Something tangible I can hand over to them to show my commitment to actually making a living from my writing. A promise, a contract of sorts, vowing to conduct my writing as if it were a full-time job. Which it is…has to be…in order to get a novel written, rewritten, revised, edited, and then published.

With hand on heart, I promise to rise at 7 a.m. (not really a problem for me, I’m a morning person), get washed and dressed (not necessarily nicely, but clothed at least), ready to write, to learn as much as I can about being a better writer, to blog, and to work on my platform, for at least six hours a day.

Fortunately I found this site to help me with this business plan. There wasn’t a lot of info about plans for writers on the web so I’m very happy I blundered onto this one;


The site name is kind of appropriate as well, don’t you think?

So, that’s what I’m up to. Probably sorry you asked.


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9 Responses to What am I up to? Ask the wordbitches

  1. Barb Taub says:

    You’re my hero. I said that I was going to be a writer. When the going got tough, I got… going. Straight over to the dark side and a serious dependency involving regular paychecks , a retirement account, and that company-provided cellphone. It took actually retiring to get me writing again.

    I can’t tell you how much I admire you. Instead of dreaming about becoming a writer, you’re building the stage, selling the tickets, and getting on with the show. You rock.

    • ajcap says:

      I rock?! You have a publishing contract! But…actually, you’re right. I do rock. At the moment.

      When I’m living in a cardboard box (a box from somewhere nice, mind you. Like Le Chateau) on the street (one of our nice streets, down by the river. I’ll be destitute but I’ll do it with style), we’ll see if I’m still your hero.

      But until then, I will do my best to make you proud. Right now, though, I must go and beg people to subscribe to my blog. Hopefully it will look like I already have fans and apparently that will make me more appealing to … I’m not sure. But that was the advice I heard.

  2. Linda H says:

    wordbitches.com…………that’s too funny, how appropriate!

  3. steve capper says:

    Hey and I was one of those chased to subscribe! Trouble is… all our family has this name Capper and it’ll look a little transparent if all the subs have the same name as Amanda. It’s great of Barb Taub to be so encouraging ‘ cause that really is the authentic voice of AJ Capper speaking on the blog and.. well… for a bib wearing, redneck, back-woods Candian Gal she really has some personality (think “Deliverance” but with a Eukelele) and I DO keep coming back for a nose at the site, just out of curiosity you understand. Best of Luck! Quote Steve Earle – GO AMANDA!

    • ajcap says:

      When have you ever seen me in a bib? AND Deliverance!? I don’t think I’ve ever even watched that movie all the way through.

      But I humbly thank you anyway, for subscribing to my blog. I now have 10. I haven’t been this popular since high school.

  4. linda cassidy says:

    I choose the domestic thriller

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