Want to help a homeless pet? Buy a book for less than two loonies and do just that.

If you enjoy urban fantasy, you’re going to love these two stories.


Liam is an ungodly soccer-playing card sharp on a mission from God. Eirie is a beautiful punk fairy princess with her own daytime radio talk show. They’ve worked cases for the Accords Agency before, but with war between realms looming and her baby sister as the bargaining chip, partnering just got personal.


Claire Danielsen is a young witch whose goddess is a house cat of unusual size. Peter Oshiro is a Warden policing a delicate truce between those who are human and those who… aren’t. It just would have been nice if someone told them the angels were all on the other side.

My buddy and fellow author, Barb Taub, has a sweet deal going on. I copied this right from Barb’s blog:

In honor of this holiday season, my publisher, Hartwood Publishing, is offering a special gift package of my urban fantasy Null City stories. Not only are they releasing the two newest stories as a $0.99 set called Tales From Null City, but my holiday-themed Don’t Touch will also be available at the sale price of $0.99. (both £0.72 in UK)

In most of my stories, an animal companion plays a prominent role—from George, the grumpy cat in Don’t Touch, to Bygul, the bitchy feline goddess of Payback is a Witch. My own life has been immeasurably enriched by my dog Peri who came from a shelter in eastern Washington State, and by the friends (feline, canine, and the occasional rodent) who have joined our family over the years after being rescued by the dedicated members of many shelters.

Barb is a fall-down-funny American author living in Scotland and she is doing her best to support no-kill shelters. If you want a great read, and at the same time help find homes for all kinds of animals in need, click on the blue links above, spend a couple of dollars, and show some love for a lucky pet.

dogs at dinnertime

Please read Barb’s holiday appeal, and while you’re there, check out her older blogs to get a taste of just how entertaining Barb is, here

As for me, I’ll also take this time to wish all my family, friends, and fans a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. And your pets as well!





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2 Responses to Want to help a homeless pet? Buy a book for less than two loonies and do just that.

  1. Barb Taub says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. It’s so fun to think I have someone in Canada plugging my books!

    • ajcap says:

      Least I could do, Barb. And thank you for posting that wonderful review of A Bother of Bodies on Amazon. And for the blurb on my cover. And for your support and on and on, and now I’m going to cry because it’s my birthday and everyone I know apparently loves me and is sending me happy wishes. :) :)

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