Traditional or Indie

No writing website would be a writing website if it didn’t address the earthquake that has hit the publishing world. Should a writer take their work down the traditional path or should they cut their own path?

I’m only good with fiction. For reality checks, I turn to Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Sensible and comprehensible. Wonderful qualities in a writer.

More thought-provoking reading by James Scott Bell…





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2 Responses to Traditional or Indie

  1. S. J. Crown says:

    As I see the publishing world today, assuming an aspiring writer learns his craft and produces a quality product (no small assumption), cutting one’s own path offers better chances of success. At least that’s the route I’ve decided to take, and I sure hope it works out. But with the costs of digital publication and/or print-on-demand services being so small, and with self-publishing authors garnering a bigger fraction of sales, and since authors have to do all the marketing anyway, I’m not sure that traditional publishing offers much to a new author.

  2. Amanda says:

    I agree with you, S.J., but the stigma of self-publishing isn’t going to go away soon. For those of us following writing-related news, the concept of self-publishing has gone from a creeping, maybe, to a hesitant, starting to sound good, and eventually, as in my case, looks like the way to go.

    But my friends and family who are read-only-what-exactly-is-it-you-do? type folks, they still believe self-publishing is only for those wannabe writers who aren’t good enough to gain the attention of a respected publisher.

    I’ll have to convince them otherwise.

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