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I’ve been tagged.

Danielle Lenee Davis, author of The Protector, has tagged me in her blog, http://danielleleneedavis.com/ and we all know what that means. No? Allow me to explain. Better yet, I’ll let Mary tell you all about it, she explains things so much … Continue reading

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Brad Parks talks about me; links, lots of links; and an update

If you are a faithful reader of my blog, you will know I’ve mentioned Mr. Parks a number of times. Like the time I confessed my love, http://wp.me/p2DycD-bz, and the time he agreed to give me a blurb for the … Continue reading

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Due date.

I know. I’m late. And for those just stumbling upon this site…no, I am definitely not pregnant. If you’re looking for advice on birthing, keep on stumbling because you do not want to waste your time here. I know less … Continue reading

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NOTICE: To my legion of followers;

I need to take a month’s leave of absence from my website. I know. You’re all devastated…   …but I have a few of what I think are very good reasons for coming to this decision. First, my website needs … Continue reading

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I sold my book. Mary Rosenblum, my editor/mentor/life-line, congratulated me in her newsletter, which you can sign up for free of charge right here; http://www.newwritersinterface.com/ News and Applause! I have great news this week and we need a round of applause … Continue reading

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