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Book 2: A Devotion of Dads

Mother called tonight and said she enjoyed my book. Whew. Sounded sincere even, not with a you’re-my-daughter-I-have-to-say-that tone of voice. This  makes me very happy.   Book signings are over and done with, and I am most pleased with how … Continue reading

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My latest newsletter about a couple boxes of books.

What you see below is me, and a box of books. Two boxes, but you can’t see the other one. You’ll have to take my word that it’s there. And not just any boxes of books, oh no. Two boxes … Continue reading

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NEWS! I have news!

I have a book cover. For my book. That’s coming out at the end of this month. Starting to feel a tremor of excitement. Ken the Publisher and Jen the Editor spent many hours pouring over different sites looking for … Continue reading

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I’ve been tagged.

Danielle Lenee Davis, author of The Protector, has tagged me in her blog, http://danielleleneedavis.com/ and we all know what that means. No? Allow me to explain. Better yet, I’ll let Mary tell you all about it, she explains things so much … Continue reading

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Meet Mabel

No, that’s not her. Can’t imagine I’d sell a lot of books trying to pass him off as a her. No, this is a picture of a guru, and according to the marketing gurus I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m … Continue reading

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