Sorry Mr. Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn is a very talented musician and I’m sure an inspiration to many, but his songs leave me yearning for Harry Chapin, or even Bob Dylan. Except Bob Dylan is a lousy entertainer. Great songwriter, lousy entertainer.

So there I was, at Bruce’s concert, trying not to fall asleep on Frank’s shoulder because, well, it would be rude to Bruce AND a waste of the $50.00 ticket. To occupy myself I started plotting a story. Before long I had a first page, a concept, and a new word; Tormentation. The torment of temptation. All I needed was a piece of paper and a pen because my memory is lousy and my mind is a vacuüm. I would not remember any of my latest plot by the time I got home.

It was dark in the concert hall so I had to rummage around in my purse and, fortunately for me (and maybe to make up for my vacant mind), I am blessed with an exquisite sense of touch. Pen and paper are found forthwith so I’m all prepared to write except, as I mentioned…it’s dark. My purse is huge, there is room for a flashlight, but I don’t happen to carry one. Which is just as well. If Bruce thought my falling asleep while he sang his heart out was rude, what would he think of a flashlight stuck in my mouth while I wrote my tome?

Then, a brilliant idea. While Bruce is playing wind chimes with a foot pedal, I remember my phone has a notepad. It lights up. But, because I was raised to be fairly polite, I thought it necessary to stick my head into aforementioned large purse so the light from the screen did not bother the people around me genuflecting toward the stage. Hence, this is what I saw when I checked my phone the next day;


If anybody has any idea what this says, please let me know. I think it has something to do with a walrus.


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6 Responses to Sorry Mr. Cockburn

  1. Barb Taub says:

    I think walruses are underrepresented in modern thrillers. I say go for it.

    (But — say it ain’t so. Bruce wasn’t entertaining? Another thing to remove from the old bucket list…)

    • ajcap says:

      LOL…you are funny, but you are also right! The walrus is underrepresented in modern thrillers. Can’t say they were all that well represented in olden thrillers, either. There was that famous whale story, and the little mermaid character, but other than that…not a lot of seafood makes it as the MC in a novel. I, Amanda June Capper, will change all that.

      Bruce bored me to tears, but one must remember…I’m a rock and roll kind of girl. How I ended up with a hippie is a mystery to all.

  2. Danielle says:

    ROFL! Nope. Don’t know what it says. What kind of phone app did that?

  3. Val says:

    Ina and a walrus??? Do you know someone named Ina with a pet walrus??? Didn’t think you would like Bruce.

    • ajcap says:

      I don’t know anyone with a walrus! Ina or otherwise…you know everybody I know, have you ever heard me mention someone’s pet walrus?


      Mind you, I’d love to know someone with a walrus…

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