Pleased to meet you.

I live in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, with a husband, a dog, and a lot of good friends.

This is me, Amanda Capper. I enjoy Harlan Coben, Brad Parks, Sue Grafton, Karin Slaughter, Parnell Hall, Linwood Barclay, Lee Child, Lisa Scottoline, Nelson DeMille, Carl Hiaasen, Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz (some), Stephen King (most). Donald Westlake (few), Nancy Martin (only read one but will remedy that), Carolyn Rose and many more.

I cannot think of anything witty to say at the moment, which is depressing. Difficult to be witty when depressed so I think I’ll have a nap. Some writers overcome brain blocks by forced feverish writing. I prefer to force myself into a fevered nap.

This is the kind of nonsense I will be writing on my blog. Gives you something to look forward to, I’m sure.

Maple the Labradoodle and the smartest dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

Picture courtesy of Megan Fife.




I was going to insert a picture of my husband at one of his gigs but turns out I don’t have any. Fourteen million pictures of dogs, none of my husband.

That can’t be good.

Oh well.

Two years later, I finally have a pic of the husband. Not a good one, but hey, it’s a picture.

Frank Canada Day 2013








Some of the pictures in my photo album are thanks to my cousin, Stephen (churches and graveyards in England).

No idea where the meth Labs came from. Makes me laugh, though.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any suggestions or comments or inanities you wish to share. But please, keep it clean, polite, and preferably short. Like my attention span. Cheers!

8 Responses to Pleased to meet you.

  1. Pal Val says:

    how come your header picture is blurry? intentional?

  2. ajcap says:

    The pictures from my cousin, Steve, are blurry because I believe they were taken with his cell phone while he was roaming around England. He takes excellent pictures with his camera and I’m going to set up a page with some of my favourites when I get a chance.

    The pictures are set up to display randomly so you never know what picture is going to show up on what page. Makes my web site SO much more exciting.

    Just typing that last sentence makes me laugh.

  3. steve.capper says:

    Sorry guys. If I,d known it was going to be important I would not have used the phone but they look ok in my laptop. Promise I,ll keep a small camera with me from now on. The English (mental) patient.

  4. ajcap says:

    Steve, I have photo albums of pictures you’ve taken over the years and I want to showcase them so I’ll have to scan them onto the computer and then post them here. Not sure how they’ll turn out but I’ll give it a try.

  5. Karen says:

    OMG you know I totally agree about the dog and the bike!! Of course I could add some gripes to that too!! Congrats on a cool website. Now if it would stop raining we could walk our dogs!

    • ajcap says:

      Karen, I still get angry when I think about that little dog trying to keep up with the lout on the bike. Numbskull. Him, not you. And thanks, glad you like it, feel free to drop by anytime. Plan on posting once a week.

  6. Sandra says:

    Great website. Looking forward to meeting you at the SSMPL Mystery Book Club.

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