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Book signings!  Oct. 2014.

Book signing, writing room, golf 011Book signing, writing room, golf 031
Book signing, writing room, golf 036 Book signing, writing room, golf 038
library signing and Long Lake pics 002
Book signing, writing room, golf 027



Book signing, writing room, golf 032

Book signing, writing room, golf 041


library signing and Long Lake pics 001

 Lena and I at my first book signing







2013 Trip to England!




Smallthorne graveyard 036






Smallthorne graveyard 016









Wonder dog, Maple

England through my cousin Stephen’s eyes.











13 Responses to Photo Album

  1. Linda says:

    the wildflowers are pretty but the headstones in the graveyard are a bit mordid

  2. Linda says:

    Pretty, but I’m a little worried about your cousin’s fascination with tombstones and graveyards.

    • ajcap says:

      No need to worry about Steve, Linda, he’s not the one with the tombstone fascination. It’s me. I love graveyards and pester him to send me pictures during his wandering around the English countrysides.

      I know. I’m strange.

  3. steve.capper says:

    Amanda, I think you could be more candid with Val. It is in the nature of my work that I spend time in churchyards, as you know, and I do think they are very photogenic AND my hairline is receding above each temple AND I notice I cannot see my reflection to shave….

    • ajcap says:

      They are photogenic, your hairline is receding and consider yourself lucky you can’t see yourself in the mirror. You’re not much to look at.

      Wish I could see your face right now, though. Are you laughing? No? Does this mean no Christmas presents for me?

  4. Val says:

    More candid with Val???? I love gravestones as much as Amanda does……its LINDA that she needs to be more candid with…….come on Steve…… know I’m a weirdo too…..xo V.

  5. Billy Cardiff says:

    I like how many pictures I’m in… oh … wait. Nevermind. I was obviously thinking of someone else entirely!

  6. Karoline Barrett -- liz on post a note says:

    I’m a little late to your website – I LOVE your pictures. And I love your mother – she looks positively regal. Seriously, she looks related to the Queen. Elizabeth, in case you’re going “What Queen???” Except your mom looks younger. Love it.

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