My new love.

His name is Brad Parks.     

I can’t remember where I first heard his name (I browse so many sites), but he’s everything I want in an author. Smart. Organized. And, best of all, laugh-out-loud funny. I finished “The Good Cop”, the fourth in Parks’ series, and immediately ordered his first, “Faces of the Gone”. It’s all I can do…it’s taking all the limited will-power I have…to finish this blog before I dive into that book. I should spend some time working on my short story, it has a deadline (Ohp, that’s Carter’s cat’s name…will smile every time I type ‘deadline’ now), of May 1 but, like I’ve already pointed out, my will-power is limited.

Only those who really love to read will understand the high of finding a writer who fulfills everything you enjoy in a book. And there were a couple of times during “The Good Cop” that I felt impending disappointment. That high happens so rarely, I admit to pessimism.

First, there was a typo a couple of pages into the book. Those don’t usually bother readers, but they do irritate writers. Readers will forgive typos. They tolerate flawed copy editors. Writers expect, especially from New York editors and publishers, perfection. Not fair, I know, but it’s certainly what I expect. Fortunately, there was only the one and I forgot about it two pages later.

Then, as I neared the end and was doing  my best not to skim because that’s what happens when all I want to know is…what happens?…I worried that the denouement was heading for a contrived resolution. And I hate those. When an author wraps everything up with a hasty coincidence. BUT MR. PARKS DIDN’T!  Let me just say that Mr. Parks is a wonder at creating characters that are believable, constant, and lovably corrupt.

So, for those friends of mine that love to read a good mystery, and that’s most of you, though I’m thinking mainly of Val, Mar, Sis, LindaMS, and Barb, go here: and order this book. You won’t regret it, and I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

Now, I  must go. It’s pouring rain, Frank is at work, the nook is charged, and the tea is brewed. Life is good.



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4 Responses to My new love.

  1. Barb Taub says:

    Oh, temptation. Should I read the (yawn!) selection for this month’s book club? Work on my own short story? Write next week’s blog post? Or… gleefully zip over to Amazon and thanks to the electronic miracle of whispernet, download a highly recommended, bound to be entertaining slice of procrastination? You guessed it! [Heads into bathroom with kindle reader.] Damn you, Ms. Capper…

    • ajcap says:


      If you’re that easy to lead into temptation, Barb, it’s a good thing we’re 3000 miles apart. I’m glad you chose to be gleeful. One should always choose gleeful over all else. Looking forward to your opinion on my new love. Make sure you read his dedication to his parents. Funny and sweet.

  2. john malone says:

    your enthusiasm is contagious, Amanda :)

    • ajcap says:

      My enthusiasm waxes and wanes, John. Good reading material, and the hope that spring might be near, is causing me to ooze enthuse more than normal.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Cheers, Amanda

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