James Patterson wants to buy you dinner while blowing up his book. I’m talking explosives.

Mr. James Patterson writes thrillers. He’s very good at it.


And because he is very good at it, he must have an extremely creative marketing team at his elbow because they’ve come up with a plan that blows every other author out of any previously known marketing dimension.


Author Joe Hartlaub, an excellent wordsmith himself and a contributing blogger at The Kill Zone, gives us the details;

Patterson accordingly gave away one thousand eBooks of Private Vegas timed to sell-destruct after twenty-four hours. The idea was to read it, but read quickly. The big news, however, was that Patterson was also selling one physical copy of the book that would explode — literally — twenty-four hours after purchase. The cost? $294,038. For that nominal sum, one receives a first class flight to a secret location, two nights in a luxury hotel, dinner with the author (that would be Patterson), gold plated binoculars (the better to watch the explosion from a discreet distance), and, one assumes, a team of professionals to handle the explosion.

Makes my book signing at the public library sound a little…well…dreary.

$294,038.00, in case you misread the number. It’s a startling price for a book. And I wonder how he came up with that amount. There must be a reason for the extra $38.00, wouldn’t you think? I’d like to have dinner with Mr. Patterson just to ask him that question, but to also watch his book blow up would be somehow strangely inspiring.

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If you want to check out Joe’s whole blog, you can read it here; http://killzoneauthors.blogspot.ca/2015/01/getting-word-out.html

Joe asks a very interesting question. If I had a blank cheque to advertise my book, how would I do it? Not sure, I’d have to give it some thought, but I love Joe’s idea. It includes New Orleans, taverns, and haunted hotels. In fact, I may like Joe’s idea better than Patterson’s. But explosives do make for great marketing.

Then again, as James Scott Bell so sensibly points out during the TKZ discussion, Mr. Patterson can do this type of marketing because Mr. Patterson writes good books. Books people like to read and gladly spend their money to buy. It always comes down to this. In order to build a fan base, the books must satisfy.

And speaking of satisfying books, I still plan to blog on John Grisham’s Grey Mountain, and Stephen King’s Revival. One satisfies, one doesn’t. I’m comparing peaches to pomegranates here, but it doesn’t change the fact; one satisfies, one doesn’t.

Since fireworks scare the hell out of me, never mind explosives, I’m going to pass on Patterson’s plan, but if anyone else has an idea for a first time author to get the word out about her novel, feel free to let me know. Just stick to my motto; Cheap and simple.


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  1. Oops. Mixing my John and James. James Patterson – John Grisham.
    It’s been fixed.

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