Jack Reacher movie

I will not go.

Tom Cruise is an excellent actor and one I admire in many ways. But he is not Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher is Arnold in Arnold’s younger years, only without the accent. But Jack is a man of few words so that small problem could have been worked out. But, no matter how fancy you work the camera light and angles, you cannot add height, change chest measurements, or enlarge the size of hands of an actor not already endowed with these features.

Jack regularly beats up multiple opponents all at the same time. Unless there are a lot of short bad guys in Hollywood, Mr. Cruise’s lack of height will be obvious to the point of distraction.

I would love to watch a Jack Reacher movie about Jack Reacher, instead of a Jack Reacher movie about Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance.

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2 Responses to Jack Reacher movie

  1. Pal Val says:

    I too am bummed out that Tom Cruise??? is going to play Jack Reacher – I pictured Harrison Ford – even Bruce Willis but Tom Cruise?? come on….has the director ever read a Jack Reacher novel????

    • ajcap says:

      I blame it all on money, Val.

      Supposedly Tom Cruise is a big draw, and no doubt he is, in the right role. From what I’ve been reading on-line by Reacher fans, this is not the right role.

      I think it’s going to back fire on Mr. Child and he’ll wish he said no to the money and yes to his fans. Problem is, if I refuse to go to the movie, I’ll never see for myself if Cruise pulled it off or not.

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