I’m busy.

My first priority at this time has to be my book. Though the pundits are forever bellowing at me to keep my blog current, I need to finish A Bother of Bodies and get on with the next book. Another nugget of advice the experts keep badgering us new authors about…keep writing…before you even know if the first one is going to sell, get the next one ready. You know, in case there’s a demand. I wish.

So, nothing new to report except I’ve added some more funny stuff to my “Makes Me Smile” page so check that out if you’re bored.

Also, The Kill Zone has an excellent blog up this morning about dogs. Link at right of my site.


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  1. LM Stauffer says:

    I say to keep on the book. I can’t buy it until you finish it and I want to know what happens next.

    • ajcap says:

      Linda MS (I’m going to start calling you that from now on because my world is full of Lindas…one of my best friends and my sister, to name two) and besides, it makes me think of you as Linda Manuscript :). You’ve been SO instrumental in helping me finish both my first book (ten years ago now…I never did anything with it) and this one, that Linda MS seems appropriate.

      Where are you these days? Taking my dog for surgery in East Lansing soon. I’ll e-mail you later.

      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Linda MS says:

    You’re taking Maple to the vet college at MSU? Is anything seriously wrong for you to be going all the way there? I sincerely hope not.

    I wish I was moved in, I could meet you, give you a place to stay, and help out if needed. I will be getting moved in as soon as I finish up here in Texas, so if you need to go again, get in touch with me, I’ll try and make your trip easier and give you and Maple a place to stay.

    You make me very proud to think that I had anything to do with your writing. You were always a great writer, you just didn’t realize it at the time. : )

    Linda MS (Now that you’ve explained that, I’m proud of the title.)

    • Linda MS says:

      Actually, get in touch with me by email if you need a place to stay for this surgery on Maple. I’ve got somewhere you and Maple can stay.

      • ajcap says:

        You…are a wonderful person. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. But Frank and I are already booked in a dog friendly hotel, I made the reservations the same day I booked the appointment. Thank you very much anyway, and it is disappointing you won’t be in the area when we are but it will happen. We’ll make sure of that, as soon as you’re settled.
        I see you’ve changed your name…LOL…too funny. Glad you like it, very appropriate!

        • Linda MS says:

          I was going to let you use my new house while you were there. It hasn’t got my furniture in there yet, but it does have an inflatable bed. I’m glad though that you were able to find a dog friendly hotel.

          I’ll look forward to finally meeting you in person when I get moved up there. And, I’ve been called a lot of things, but ‘a wonderful person’ doesn’t happen often enough. Thank you!

          I like the new name. lol

          • ajcap says:

            WOW! Darn considerate of you, Linda! Would have been fun, actually. Frank and I could have painted a couple rooms for you. Given us something to do while waiting for Maple’s surgery. As it is, looks like I’ll be visiting guitar stores. Yay.

            Keep me up to date on the move, and how your horses are doing. You’re not missing much up here…snow/rain/ice.

    • ajcap says:

      Maple jumped out of the Jeep in her excitement at being at Bellevue Park and, according to the x-rays, chipped a bone in her knee. We don’t have the surgeons or even the equipment (she needs an MRI) in town to deal with it so off to MSU we go. You wouldn’t know, to look at her, there was a damn thing wrong with her but Frank and I have done a lot of reading and our vet says, as she gets older, it will hurt her quite a bit. Arthritis will set in sooner and be much more painful. Plus, she’s such a happy dog, we want to keep her fit and pain free. She’s only four years old so best to get it done while she’s young.

      As for my writing, it’s SO encouraging to have someone, who is not family or friend, give me an unbiased and favourable opinion.

      • Linda MS says:

        Poor Maple, she’s lucky to have owners who care enough about her to do what’s best for her.

        And I gave you favorable opinions on your writing because I really enjoy reading what you wrote. And I know that I’m not the only reader who enjoys your writing.

        Looking forward to meeting you someday soon.

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