Humour in the face of pond scum

Dear friends and family:

Please take a moment to check out the above link. Not only is Barb a funny and talented writer, she has a warning for all those too naive to know better. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is balderdash. Scammers, the bottom-feeders of humanity, are out to bilk the innocent of their hard-earned money or steal their identity. They want  your personal information and they are everywhere.

Mabel’s mother is a convicted scammer. Not a nice lady at all.

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2 Responses to Humour in the face of pond scum

  1. Linda MS says:

    I read this. You’re right, your friend is hilarious.


    • ajcap says:

      Still seems strange to me, Linda, how many friends I’m making and how many friends I have, that I’ve never met. Not complaining…love it…but a bit mind-boggling, nonetheless. Barb is a funny lady and I’m glad I was directed to her website.

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