Brad Parks talks about me; links, lots of links; and an update

brad parksIf you are a faithful reader of my blog, you will know I’ve mentioned Mr. Parks a number of times. Like the time I confessed my love,, and the time he agreed to give me a blurb for the cover of my book,

So you won’t be surprised I’m featuring him again, only this time it’s because he mentions me in one of his interviews! Not by name, but hey, we all know who he means. Mystery Playground talks to Brad about his second Lefty award and asks him if he has any stalkers. Well, yes he does. Me.

Check out the links below. The first one is when he mentions his Canadian stalker (I’m so proud), and the second is when he sings to Sue Grafton (you know, the author of A is for Alibi, etc.). He can actually sing. Multi-talented.

Also, thanks to the authors at The Kill Zone, I’ve discovered this;

Not everyone would be excited about this but I am. A train ride full of people who share the same interest. Writing. I’ve heard of trains full of musicians and other artists, why not writers? Unfortunately, it’s only available in the States. What is wrong with our Canadian rail conglomerates? They seem incapable of using their imagination. They can’t come up with any way to make money selling train rides through our beautiful country? At reasonable prices, so more people can take advantage? Maybe I should Google this before I sound off. Perhaps they do offer the same packages as Amtrak. Doubtful.

My name is finally up on the Divertir site, look half way down the page on the right hand side under the title, Coming Soon,

Work on my cover is underway and I will be posting the potential covers (hopefully soon), in my blog so readers can vote on their favourite. Covers are very important, they must catch a reader’s attention from the other millions of books out there, and give enough information about what to expect from the book in a very limited space. Extremely limited in the case of e-books. Only a thumbnail to display.

When the book cover is decided, everything will start to change and speed up. My new website will be introduced and it will turn from blog-oriented to sales-oriented. A monthly newsletter will let everyone know (if they are interested enough to sign up for it, that is) when my book will be launched, when I’ll be doing book signings at the library, any interviews (my first one is scheduled for May 15 with Barb Taub), and any reviews on A Bother of Bodies, as well as updates on book two, A Devotion of Dads. Also, anything personal, that I don’t necessarily want published for the whole world to see on my blog or FaceBook or Pinterest, will be on the newsletter.

If you are interested in receiving this monthly newsletter, please send your email address to , or if you have any other comments and suggestions to help me promote my book, please feel free to contact me. At this stage, I need all the help I can get. And if you haven’t checked out my boards on Pinterest, please do; , I have lots to say about reading, and writing. And men. And dogs.

If you do decide to visit my Pinterest site, be sure to check out the comments on the pin about Adam Levine. So embarrassing. Damn my mental block about names.


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  1. Barb Taub says:

    Alphabet-Sue is the best! I laughed so hard. And I totally get it. I’d stalk Brad too.

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