Book 2: A Devotion of Dads

Mother called tonight and said she enjoyed my book. Whew. Sounded sincere even, not with a you’re-my-daughter-I-have-to-say-that tone of voice. This  makes me very happy.

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Book signings are over and done with, and I am most pleased with how they went. Plus, three fans wrote 5 star reviews, two on and one on This makes me very happy as well. Amazon rankings are important to new authors because the more favourable reviews I have, the more Amazon will promote the book. Plan is; readers read the reviews, like the reviews, buy the book. That makes Amazon (and me!) more money, and that makes Amazon (and me!) very happy.

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So, if you liked A Bother of Bodies, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, and give it a star rating. If you didn’t like A Bother of Bodies, or found it kind of meh, send me an email and let me know what you didn’t like so I can work on the weak parts.

I don’t understand everything about Amazon. Like, why it says my book may take one to three months to ship. What? Why? Ken the Publisher is looking into it.

Meanwhile, onward and upward. I’ve added the pictures from the book signings to my Photo Album and I’ve shifted the first chapter of A Bother of Bodies from Work In Progress over to the Published tab. Under Work in Progress I’ve added the first chapter of A Devotion of Dads (freshly checked over by my faithful beta reader, Marlene) and it is now open to comments and suggestions. Feel free to leave them on this site, or email them to me at

I’ve also moved stuff from my Pinterest site and stuck it under Makes Me Smile. Some of them make me actually laugh out loud. If you’re another Pinterest fan, let me know, we can follow each other :)


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