Attention, Unobservants!

Not even sure unobservants is a word, never mind a noun. Wait until I get my handy smart phone out…

Inobservance is a noun. No one can accuse this blog of not being educational.

But inobservance is not what I meant. I was referring to those who (whom? Never get that straight either. I’m really kind of lousy at this writing stuff), are not observant.

All I really wanted to point out (it often takes me a long time to get to a point…if ever), is that I’ve added a link to Skeptoid (see it? There, to your right, under Blogroll), because it is a very, very, interesting site. Today they talk about women who may, or may not, be fictional. Lady Godiva, fiction or real? Typhoid Mary? Anna Karenin? Small explanation of each, for those with short attention spans like myself.

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2 Responses to Attention, Unobservants!

  1. S. J. Crown says:

    So, I’m dying to know. What’s the verdict on Santa Claus? Did Mr. Church, the “Yes, Virginia” guy, get it right? My unobservant perusal of the Skeptoid site didn’t quite answer this for me.
    However, since the point of this post is close attention to detail, perhaps inquiring about another legendary figure is more apropos, so here goes: Is Sherlock Holmes real, and, if so, can he prove it?

  2. ajcap says:

    I believe the jury is still out on Santa, Stan, and I’m sure there are some who swear Sherlock is based on a real person. And he may be, but I think I read somewhere that Doyle maintained the sleuth is entirely fictional. Did Doyle ever write an autobiography? Think I’ll go check that out…

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