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…from Janet Reid. Her link can be found at the right of my blog, but I’ve made it easier for you to read by simply copying and pasting. I can’t seem to find the words to write about the children murdered in Connecticut, and the hell their families must be going through.

I can do fiction, it’s easy. But I have a helluva time with real life. So I’ll just agree with Janet. Something must be done…

I also read a comment on the blog of fellow writer, Dale Ivan Smith (his blog link can also be found on the right of my post) and they ask this question, “why is it easier for the mentally ill to get their hands on a gun than it is to get help?”

Good question.


Violence changes you. A violent death changes a family forever.
It changes how people see you, and talk to you. And about you. It changes every aspect of your life.
Every Christmas, every birthday, every holiday, every occasion, someone is missing.
Suddenly you’re not the middle child. You’re the oldest or the youngest.
Suddenly the number of siblings you have, the number of children in the family is a loaded question.
Suddenly you never hear a name without thinking of someone else who had that name.
You’re now someone else. You’re The One Who Lost A.
Some people find a way out of that lost and terrible new place. Some people live there forever.
I pray today’s violence in Connecticut will change us in a better way.   No one, NOT ANYONE, wants little children to be martyrs to the Second Amendment.  The perpetrators of this crime were not responsible gun owners and it’s not responsible gun owners who are the problem.
We must solve this problem ourselves.  Politicians, in the frenzied grasp of money wielding lobbyists, are unable to see beyond their campaign coffers. We must do this ourselves.
We must come up with a solution we can all live with.
Live with.
I pray we all want that. Especially those who live in or have glimpsed today the lost and terrible land of After.
And some scary statistics.


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