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Stephen King

I don’t like everything Stephen King writes. Some of it I quite detest. I don’t think I ever did finish “The ….” I don’t even remember the name, I’ve blocked it out. Wait until I look it up. “The Regulators”. … Continue reading

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An exciting grammar quiz!

Who doesn’t love a good grammar quiz? Damn near everybody doesn’t, but stick with me, you may actually learn something. Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct: a)  If the tree was torn up by its roots, that meant … Continue reading

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Introducing…The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

For those of you refusing to take the ukulele as a serious musical instrument, please click on the link below: Thank you, cousin Steve, for bringing such talent to my attention.

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I bought a ukulele.

  “Why?” you might ask. “You already have a basement full of musical instruments you never use.” And that would be a valid question. It’s true, I do have an electric piano I ignore. Cow bells, bongo drums, harpsichords and … Continue reading

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Why would anybody, in their right mind, want to bake?

A good friend of mine, Linda, made muffins a few days ago. She made these muffins sound so good, so healthy, so scoring-major-points with husbands, that I became all caught up in the moment and decided that, YES! I wanted to … Continue reading

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