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Attention, Unobservants!

Not even sure unobservants is a word, never mind a noun. Wait until I get my handy smart phone out… Inobservance is a noun. No one can accuse this blog of not being educational. But inobservance is not what I meant. I was … Continue reading

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To Believe or Not to Believe

This guy to my left, Marcus Aurelius, was the 16th Emperor of the Roman Empire, born April 26, 121. That’s a long time ago. But he still makes the most sense to me. I went to Sunday school for years … Continue reading

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I love Allie

FINALLY! News from Allie Brosh, cartoonist and author of the blog Hyperbole and Half. A very funny woman struggling with depression. Funny doesn’t always equal happy.

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Me and the FBI

I receive daily updates from the FBI because I am THAT important. No, I’m pretty sure the FBI don’t even know I exist, except as a name on their subscription list. Every day for the last seven or eight months, … Continue reading

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Tattoo taboo

Mother will not be pleased about my latest decision. Actually, I can’t remember a time when Mom was pleased about any of my decisions. But that’s a whole other post. I was at a party yesterday, catching up with a … Continue reading

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