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Traditional or Indie

No writing website would be a writing website if it didn’t address the earthquake that has hit the publishing world. Should a writer take their work down the traditional path or should they cut their own path? I’m only good … Continue reading

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Waging war on wasps.

Alliteration. Amusing to abuse. You know those white net bags women use to wash their bras in, to protect the straps from wrapping around the rest of the laundry and getting stretched all out of shape so that when you … Continue reading

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An agent with a wealth of information…

…as long as you can take brutal honesty. Janet Reid’s post on building a platform makes sense. Check out her archives. Yes, she is honest to the point of painful but she can, on occasion, be very funny.

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doesn’t suck as bad as I thought it would. For one thing, I have a lot more time to spend on my writing. And blogging. And when my dog rolls in dead moles (could be a song in there somewhere), … Continue reading

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